Learn How to Simplify Your Diet & Fitness
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Top 3 Ways to Become a Beast Starting Today

Where do I start?

Should I try the latest trend diet?

Should I get a personal trainer?

Should I live on lettuce?

Should I become a marathon runner?

Where the HELL do I start?

Sound familiar?

Stop Questioning. Start Doing.

Today is a new day. Today, you can and should stop questioning everything and just start testing a few simple changes to your health and fitness. Today, you move forward.

To become a Beast, you will need to start with a clean slate. Sure, you are bringing to the table all of your experience and current situation, but you are should use them as tools and not crutches.

The following are the Top 3 Ways to Become a Beast. They are how I always get myself back on track. If I am failing at my health and fitness, I come back to these core principles and they tend to reset my focus. They should do the same for you.

Top 3 Ways to Become a Beast

  1. Before eating one thing, ask yourself, “Is this real food?” – If you can follow this rule to a ‘T’, success is absolutely possible. The real kicker is that the you truly cannot lie to yourself. For example, I ask myself, “Is this mango real food? Yes!” So, I eat it. “Is this sausage biscuit real food? Nope” So, I skip it. You should try to implement this with 90% of what you consume in a day. We are not all perfect and animal style In-N-Out burgers are amazing so if you slip up or focus most of the time, the burger shouldn’t kill your progress.
  2. Simplify everything when it comes to health and fitness. – Whether it’s what you are eating or what workout you are doing, simplify it so much as to the point it seems too simple. If it seems too simple, you probably are doing the right thing. Simple doesn’t mean easy. Simple means picking up a heavy weight and putting it down and repeat rather than workout in some Stark Industries contraption that supposedly properly gets you in shape.
  3. 30 minutes can change your life. – You have 30 minutes in your day to commit to living healthy and fit. What you don’t? You are lying. What were you doing last night? Watching American Idol or Big Bang Theory? Surfing the internet for the latest and greatest new iWhatever? Staring into oblivion? There are very few people that can’t find 30 minutes in their day to focus on cooking healthier meals and/or getting some sort of high intensity workout in. If you think you don’t have the time, you are lying to yourself. Even if you truly don’t have the time, you may want to consider addressing your current situation as your life is far more important than everything else going on in life. I know this sounds harsh, but the reality is that we all have, or should make, the time to improve our well-being.

Through these 3 ways, you should be able to start making drastic changes starting today. Not tomorrow and not next week, but starting today.

At Become a Beast, we will dive further into the details of each of these ways, but I wanted to provide something that you could implement in the simplest way immediately.

These Top 3 Ways to Become a Beast are a start, but if you are looking to go full steam ahead into drastically changing your health and fitness, you might want to consider joining The Beast Academy. For full details, click here.