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Your body is a chunk of marble.

What do you want to chisel it into?

Your parents gave you two gifts the moment you were born. They provided you with a physical body and an opportunity.  No matter the circumstances your family was in upon your birth, these two gifts were yours and, theoretically, no one could take them back from you.

Jumping to today, you still have both of these gifts. Sure, you might have swayed from getting the full potential in the past, but today is a new day. Today is the day you can choose to cherish and fulfill the gifts you were given.

Today is the day you Become a Beast.


What’s a Beast?

A Beast is an individual who achieves their physical apex through a balanced diet, focused exercise, and the desire to fulfill the opportunity they were given with their physical body. For example, the 16th century artist Michelangelo had a keen eye for the human body. He took a marble block and transformed it into the Statue of David. The figure of David captures the intricate details that come from living a balanced lifestyle and caring for the gift of the human body.   To this day, this is one of the most beautiful works of art. For Michelangelo, he presented the world with a gift that immortalizes the physical apex of the human body. The Statue of David depicts what we, here at Become a Beast, believe is a Beast.

A prime example of what I believe a Beast to be is the level I reached in 2008 (in the picture to the left). I cleaned up the entire diet. I worked out religiously. I brought complete dedication and focus to my health and fitness and I would say those results were pretty damn good. Now, the results I saw were the results I wanted. Your wants and desires of what a Beast should be may differ. The key is establishing a measurable result and heading right towards that goal. We are here to help you do that. We are here to make those desired results actual results. Now, I am not always at that peak level, but I primarily live a life where I can achieve high levels of physical fitness and still have a balanced lifestyle. That’s what this is all about. Finding a healthy balance that promotes having one hell of a time in life while maintaining a body that can take you to many more years of doing those things you love. A Beast is out there to build a healthy lifestyle. If that’s you, then please, become a part of the Beast Team.

What a Beast is Not?

Steroids, drugs, and other chemically developed enhancers are not what make a beast. Cheating the natural system is not what a beast is. A beast is not the work of biochemical scientists in some lab. A beast is built by pure nutrition and sweat spilled. If you look at the works of art depicting man from times before whey protein and one dollar cheeseburgers, you will find that these were physical specimens we rarely see today. In those times, they were the majority. Our goal at Become a Beast is to bring back the times of a majority of physical specimens. With that said, Beasts are not perfect. We make mistakes. We enjoy a few guilty pleasures in return for the focused energy we put towards achieving the results we so expect. The lifestyle of a Beast centralizes around proper balance which, at times, allows for the enjoyment of a cold beverage or fatty hamburger. Obviously, in limitation.

Why You Should Become a Beast?

There are two things you have complete control of. They are your body and the opportunity to do something with it. No one else can stop you from doing what you want with your body. You can either see it turn into a slob or you can chisel yourself into The Statue of David. You should become a Beast because you want to achieve the physical apex that you are capable of. If you have read up to this point, you probably are not currently at your physical apex, but truly want to be. Today can be the day you start heading in the Beast direction. Join us in unleashing the Beast within you today!