One Ingredient Diet : Day 18

It doesn’t always go as planned.

At least that’s what I have to tell myself when either I screw up or the world screws me over. In this case, it’s on me.

Not So Natural After All

My wife and I were driving to the gym this weekend and we were talking about the One Ingredient Diet. I was bragging explaining how I has been doing well in not intaking processed foods.

“What about that trail mix you eat practically every day?”

“That’s natural.”

“No, it’s not. It’s super processed.”



I had thought the trail mix I bought in these bins at the store was hardcore au-naturale. I was wrong. Now, I haven’t been eating it every day, but I have partaken in some each time I have visited the Sprouts Market we shop at.

One of the things that has been eye-opening is how many foods are processed. For the most part, you need to make EVERY MEAL & SNACK and/or look at every item you put in your cart. I knew this going in, but you assume some things are natural or one ingredient and are completely the opposite.

It’s a Mistake…Big Deal

Obviously this might skew the true results of the One Ingredient Diet, but it’s an honest mistake and we all make them. This doesn’t take away from the challenge as much as prove how we are always learning through testing and adjusting. It’s not a big deal to me that I made a mistake because the drastic changes I have seen make up for it. This just proves that if I were to have not made the mistake, I would be doing even better.

Be the Processor

Instead of buying processed foods, try to become the processor. Be the creator. Be the one who knows what in the hell is going into your food. At least then, you will know what needs adjusting.

If I were to eat a fast food hamburger, I would have no idea what is in it and how this might effect my diet. If I buy the ingredients and make the damn thing myself, I have a greater likelihood of living a healthier life.

It is a lot easier to adjust your own recipes than a restaurants. By being the processor of your food, you control the tweaks necessary to maintain quality meals and snacks.

The Journey Continues

I am not perfect. Never said I was. My mistake with the trail mix just proves such. So what now am I to do?

Well, the journey continues.

Perfection was and is too much to ask. Progress is all that matters in any challenge. My journey to proving that a One Ingredient Diet works continues and I know you will enjoy seeing what comes of this.

For the few steps back, I have made gigantic leaps forward. Let the fun continue…

photo credit: SweetOnVeg via photo pin cc

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