3 Effortless Actions to Get Your Ass in Better Shape

You have heard it from every fitness and health site in the world. In fact, it was blasted out to the world, rightfully so, by baller Joel Runyon in a post just the other day. How bad do you really want it? How bad do you want to be in shape?

Often, we say without doing. I am just as guilty as the 500 pound dude chilling in front of the TV with a bucket of chicken. Trust me, I have my days too.

Stop Over-thinking This Shit

You don’t need expensive equipment, a membership or a personal trainer to just be in better shape. You just need to simplify the hell out of it.

For all intensive purposes regarding fitness, you pretty much just need to move at an effort that causes you to sweat to get into ny real shape. With that said, there are plenty of non-sweating mall-walkers rocking it out weekday mornings that are in awesome shape for their age. (My apologies to the youngsters who mall walk too and were offended by the age comment – – – Power stride on.)

In the coming paragraphs, I will detail some of my effortless ways to get out of a funk. We all get them, but some of us never get out of them. Hopefully my examples will help.

So, what do I do to overcome this obstacle? I have implemented 3 effortless actions in my life to give my own ass a good kicking. Today, I want to cover them and show you how you can use them within the next 10 minutes.

Before proceeding, I figure I should share the 3 with you. They are…

  1. Get Up, Step Outside, Start Walking
  2. Set a Goldilocks-Approved Number
  3. Challenge Someone’s Manhood (Womanhood?)

Get Up, Step Outside, Start Walking

One of my all-time favorite quotes that I reference a lot is that of Dean Karnazes, one of my athletic idols. He once said, “I always feel better after a run.”

I might be tired. I might be sore. I might be disgusting. But I always feel better after a run. Every. Single. Run.

In other words, when I feel like there is nothing I can do to get going, I just get up, go a far distance, and then come back. Afterwards, I am always happy I did the run.

In this extremely effortless action, you just need to start walking for a bit. At some point, you might decide, “Well, what the hell. I am already out here. I might as well run.” Maybe not. However, by the time you have started thinking about why in the world you are walking with no true rational reason, you will have to turn around and come back. Just like that you have started getting in better shape. If you do this enough, you will start to increase the distances you go out and come back and soon enough you will have this thing called a “fitness regiment”. I know crazy huh!?

Set a Goldilocks-Approved Number

Numbers. Testing. Journals. These things WILL bring results. For whatever reason, we are scared of writing down a goal. Probably because we are afraid we might actually have to achieve it. That’s where Goldilocks comes in.

Goldilocks was this hottie-tottie blondie (I love the blonde’s…like my wife ;)). She was all picky about which bowl of porridge from the three bears she wanted. She found the luke-warm, middle-of-the-road bowl of porridge to be the best.

Where the hell am I going with this? Yes, I am asking myself the same question.

Goldilocks may be a little picky, but she found what worked for her and she ran with it. That’s what I do to just get going. I pick a number and go after that goal. The Goldilocks-Approved number is not so easy I can’t complete in no time. Nor is it so difficult that I don’t even start. It’s juuuuuusssst right in the middle of that.

Pick a number of laps, push ups, stairs, pull ups, and/or any other physical action that you can achieve that tests, but doesn’t kill you. Then do it. Goldilocks would be very proud.

Challenge Someone’s Manhood

This is how my running career started. This is how I ended up benching one set of 315 pounds. This is how I accomplish a lot of things. Is it arrogant and ridiculous? Absolutely, but it gets me further than I would otherwise.

We might be self-absorbed creatures, but at least there is a good reason to be. By having a Me-Man-Me-Do-Better-Than-You (include enhanced cave man inflection), we can accomplish more. The Olympics are a current reminder of this. The most fit individuals apply this every minute of their life and look how sexy they have become.

Be kind in how you do it, but by challenging another, you will find yourself saying, “Welp, guess I gotta do the work now.”

You Lied. This isn’t Effortless.

What can I say? I let you down I guess.

However, I see these 3 actions of some of the easiest and least oft-putting ways to get your ass into gear. If you know of any better ways, shoot them my way. I can always up my own kick-assery.

Hope these suggestions help you get off the couch and stop reading blogs…until our next article is published 😉 .

photo credit: The Hamster Factor via photo pin cc

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  1. Love the new layout!
    Thanks for the comment the other day!
    Keep up the great work!
    (did I mention that partly because of you,and that crazy Steve Kamb guy, I’ll be running a marathon next year?)
    Come a long way from smoking a pack a day 94 days ago!!!
    Thanks to you and Ali for always having awesome posts to encourage us!